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The Complete Writing Program

What is The Complete Writing Program?
A Workshop in a Book!

The Complete Writing Program is a workshop in a book. At the very least, it will show you, step by-step, how to build stronger, more confident writers. At its best, it will help you build a confident group of great writers within your class.

Have you ever taught your class how to write an essay/story; spent hours reading and editing every one; gave the students constructive feedback; then have your students revise, edit and publish it? If you have, you know that it can be incredibly time consuming. Serious, meaningful conferencing between student and teacher is a luxury most teachers can’t enjoy very often. Why not work smarter, not harder? The Complete Writing Program will show you how to set up your class so your students are modeling and reinforcing the skills you teach on a regular basis, not you!

Look Inside The Complete Writing Program

Download a 25 page preview - Click

Preview includes:

  1. Table of Contents 

  2. Descriptive Writing Sample 

  3. Improving Sentence Structure Sample #1 

  4. Improving Sentence Structure Sample #2 

  5. Report Writing Unit: Sample Page 

How Does The Complete Writing Program Work?

All great writing, no matter the age of the writer, has five key elements:

  1. You begin by teaching your students the 5 key elements of great writing.

  2. Next, show your students how to look for the 5 key elements of great writing.

  3. Teach your students how to assess each other’s writing. They will use The Complete Writing Program’s “Writing Assessment Checklist” to identify the 5 key elements of writing in their neighbor’s writing.

  4. Students will score each other’s writing. In this way, they are reviewing the five key elements of writing as well as seeing it modeled within each other’s writing.

  5. Each chapter of The Complete Writing Program shows you how to build your students’ skills in the five areas of great writing. Use the worksheets and lessons in The Complete Writing Program as well as writing lessons from your school or district’s language arts program. Home school parents will find this program especially helpful as they continue to build their child’s skills in the five areas of great writing year after year.

What Are the Benefits of The Complete Writing Program Work?
  1. Save yourself dozens of hours correcting papers. The teacher does not need to correct every piece of writing assigned in order for the students to receive meaningful feedback. The students will know what great writers do and share what they’ve learned with each other during writing conferences.

  2. Students learn how to communicate their knowledge of writing to others. Students will develop their writing skills within the five areas of great writing at a different pace. Therefore, during writing conference time, they share their particular expertise. Your lessons become much more powerful when the students hear it again from fellow students.

  3. You have an army of mini-teachers in your class reinforcing the skills you’ve taught. Imaging your entire class reteaching your writing lessons to each other. Click Here to see an illustration of this concept, and you will understand the powerful this program. Illustration

  4. Your own one-on-one conference time with the students will be more powerful. You can pinpoint problem areas within your students' writing. Furthermore, they will understand why they are weak in a certain area and begin improving.

  5. More lesson plans than you can use in a year. Select the lessons that are right for you and your students.

  6. Use these powerful lessons for your observations with the principal. Teachers who have used lessons from The Complete Writing Program for their evaluations have reported remarkable results. Administrators have been so impressed that they’ve requested workshops in order to train their entire staff.

Why Grades 3 - 12?

In theory, the five key elements of great writing can apply to emerging writers in kindergarten through grade 2. However, this program begins when the student is capable of writing a paragraph. (The Complete Writing Program will even show you how to do that.)


The five areas of great writing are the same regardless of age. The teacher will simply be building the students’ skills in the five areas at his/her grade level. Third graders will build their skills in the five areas at the third grade level while twelfth graders will build their skills at the twelfth grade level. The Complete Writing Program will help you decide what is right for your grade level.


This program has worked successfully in community college summer writing programs with students from grades four through eight in the same class.

Supercharge Your School's Adopted Language Arts Program

Maybe your school or district has an adopted language arts program such as Houghton Mifflin, SRA/Open Court, Scholastic, etc… Their writing ideas might be terrific. However, many of these programs teach each piece of writing and HOPE that the students can put the writing pieces together.


The Complete Writing Program supercharges these programs. When you teach writing lessons out of these programs, your students will know exactly where each piece fits into the five elements of great writing. Furthermore, when you teach lessons out of your language arts program, your students will automatically look to see how it fits into the five elements of great writing. Again, you will have a class full of mini-teachers helping you reach your objectives.

What is the Value of The Complete Writing Program?

Author's Message


When I first started teaching, I spent $100’s of dollars on books and workshops to help me become a better writing teacher. Yet, at the end of each school year, I never really felt confident that I had prepared my students adequately in writing.


I began taking ideas from books, workshops, and district approved material and altering these ideas to make them more productive. I knew that I was on to something when teachers began using my ideas in their own classroom. When you see the improvements in your students’ writing abilities, you will see the incredible value of this program. It’s a program you buy once and learn once. However, you will be using these powerful step-by-step procedures throughout your teaching career.


What is the value of this program? Honestly, I can’t say. All I know is the extreme joy I feel when my students skillfully use the new writing concepts that I have taught them. I feel good when I’m able to help other teachers improve the quality of their students’ writing. Finally, I’ve known great satisfaction when, at the end of the school year, I compare my students' writing to samples from the beginning of the year. It is clear that they have improved immensely. To me, this program is priceless. I want every teacher to feel the same confidence and satisfaction.

Is The Complete Writing Program Standards Based?

YES! Not only will your students become great writers, they will be VERY well prepared for state/federal standardized tests. Check your writing and grammar standards for your grade and state. The odds are great that your students will be tested on such things as:


  • Main ideas within the paragraph

  • Topic, supporting, and closing sentences

  • Variety of sentence structure

  • Vocabulary development

  • Imagery


You will be confident your students did well on these tests. In many cases, teachers will hear their students talking about the test after it is finished. “I saw an ‘Appositive’”, “I saw an ‘Interrupter’”, “I saw an ‘Adjective Writing Trick’”. Not only are the students getting the correct answers on the test, they are naming the rule that applied. The Complete Writing Program is powerful on so many levels.


“I was amazed at how quickly these writing techniques caught on. Within weeks, my students’ writing showed vast improvement.”


- Kathy Middough, 6th Grade


“As a first year teacher, this writing program was perfect. Everything I needed was laid out for me.”


- Traci Kinon, 5th Grade


“Teacher tested and kid-friendly, this writing program helps teachers at all levels become confident writers. Teachers found immediate results in their students’ writing when they implemented the program. The Complete Writing Program integrates reading, writing, and language and provides the structure and guidance that works with both veteran and beginning teachers”


- MaryLynn Bachmann; Principal, Williams Elementary School

Bonus Gift

Two Free eBooks:

  1. How to Teach the Paragraph ($7.99 value)

  2. How to Teach the Five Paragraph Essay ($17.95 value)

Ordering Information

Become THE writing authority at your school. Order The Complete Writing Program, Workshop in a Book!

Your Order Includes:

  1. The Complete Writing Program, Workshop in a Book

  2. Free: How To Teach the Paragraph (ebook - $7.95 Value)

  3. Free: How To Teach the Five Paragraph Essay (ebook - $17.95 Value)

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