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Standards Based Grammar: Home School Edition

Standards Based Grammar:

Home School Edition

Standards Based Grammar is a daily grammar program that systematically teaches your home school student(s) every grammar skill required by the eighth grade. The purpose of Standards Based Grammar is to give your student(s) the spoken and written rules of the English language in an easy, step-by-step program. It seeks to teach, assess, and add to prior knowledge.

Standards Based Grammar doesn’t just ask students to identify grammar errors. They learn grammar rules and apply them immediately into their writing. Furthermore, it provides you with the exact knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of your student and allows you to keep track of each standard until mastery is achieved.

Standards Based Grammar shows your students how to become grammar experts. Not only will they be able to understand each grammar rule, they will be able to articulate the logic behind each rule. Best of all, it’s easy to teach and simple to administrate.

Home school parents are in a unique position to get the very most out of this grammar series. This edition covers every standard from grades three through eight. Begin the program anytime between the third and eighth grade. The program is designed to take between two to three years to complete. Work at your child's own pace and take your time to make sure every skill is mastered. Use the checklists to keep track of your child's progress. By the end of the program, you will be amazed at the incredible wealth of knowledge your child has gained. Their knowledge of English grammar will rival that of many college students.

  1. Student Worksheets – Nearly three hundred (300) worksheets provide practice for every standard required for grades three through eight. Each worksheet comes complete with lesson, examples, and student practice. Simply review the lessons (often, only minutes are needed), and you are ready to teach.

    Click here to see a Sample Worksheet

    You can see more sample worksheets by checking Grades 3, 5, and 6 on this web site. The worksheet samples from Grades 3, 5, and 6 on this web site are also included in the Home School Edition.
  2. Journal Prompts – If your students are not applying grammar rules into their writing, do they really understand the concept? These journal extensions give your students immediate practice as they apply each new grammar skill within an actual creative writing setting.

    Click here to see a sample Journal Prompt
  3. Assessments – Each skill is assessed at the end of every unit. Use each test to assess your student's abilities. Then, use each assessment to form groups for re-teaching and review. 
  4. Student Checklists – Keep track of your student's progress over the course of the year.

    The two biggest advantages are:
    1. You have a detailed record of your student's strong and weak points. Use this as a tool to help your student review these problem areas throughout their educational career.
    2. If you should decide to stop home schooling your child, give his/her teacher a precise record of your child's abilities. Future teachers will be amazed at how well your child was prepared for grammar and be able to help your child progress immediately.

    Click here to see a partial sample of the Student Checklist
  5. Teacher Checklists – Are you absolutely sure you are teaching every language skill required by eighth grade. If you follow other language programs you are trusting that they are covering every standard required. What if you've completed all of their worksheets for a certain standard and your child still needs more practice? The Teacher Checklist helps you keep track of the grammar and punctuation standards that have been taught. It also helps remind you which standards your child has mastered and which standards still need work. Furthermore, over three hundred worksheets provided within Standards Based Grammar allows you to give your child all the practice they need. Therefore, you can use Standards Based Grammar as your main grammar program or use its worksheets to reinforce skills from your current language program. The Teacher Checklist will help keep you on the right track.

    Click here to see the Home School Teacher Checklist
  6. Table of Contents for Standards Based Grammar: Grades 7-8

    Home School Table of Contents – Pg. 1
    Home School Table of Contents – Pg. 2

    Home School Table of Contents – Pg. 3
  7. Download a 68 page preview:

Click here to download a preview of
Standards Based Grammar: Homeschool Edition

As a complete grammar program, Standards Based Grammar’s value is second to none! Although this is a complete grammar program, it is so affordable that it can be purchased and used strictly as a supplement for your existing grammar program. We are confident that after using several of the worksheets you’ll be anxious to try the others. However, the versatility of the program allows you to:

  • Use Standards Based Grammar as your primary grammar program. This program was designed to take two to three years depending on the child. Work at your child's own pace with the confidence that all standards are being met.
  • Use entire units or just use individual worksheets to supplement what you are already doing.
  • Use the assessments to measure student growth.
  • Use the checklists to keep track of your yearly pacing of grammar.

Incredible Value:

Many teachers have gone to teacher supply stores looking for grammar books because they need some worksheets to help their students with a certain skill. They spend $9.95 on a workbook and may use only three or four worksheets from it. Then they do it again for another skill, then another. Over the course of a few years, they’ve spent a small fortune just for a few worksheets that only cover a few skills.

With Standards Based Grammar you get almost THREE HUNDRED worksheets covering FIFTY standards and SIX grade levels (Grades 3 - 8). You’ll never buy another supplement again. Even if you use this as a supplement, you'll have a resource to use for five years. When your student is struggling with a skill from your current program and they've run out of worksheets for that skill, you have a wealth of resources right at your finger tips.

Easy Lesson Plan:

How many lessons a week does the average home school parent teach? How easy is it to learn a new curriculum every year your child moves up a grade level? You DON’T need another subject that requires intensive lesson planning. With Standards Based Grammar you have hundreds of lesson plans ready to go. Each worksheet has the skill and lesson at the top of the page. Most lessons require just a few minutes of review, and you’re ready to go. The lessons on each page also serve as an excellent review when students need to review certain skills.

Improved Test Scores:

Every worksheet in Standards Based Grammar has been tested in the classroom. The worksheets have been written and rewritten for maximum effectiveness. The advantage of Standards Based Grammar is unmistakable. Language scores improve with Standards Based Grammar. Several classrooms surveyed have shown growth in language tests scores of over 12%. Many students are receiving perfect scores in language. If classroom teachers, who are teaching over thirty students at a time, are having this much success, imagine what your child can do in the home school setting.

English Language Learners:

If your child is an English Language Learner, this is the program for you. Think about it. We are ALL English Language Learners. There are very few people, if anyone, who have a complete grasp of EVERY aspect of their language. Standards Based Grammar helps all students, even those who are new to English, fine tune their language skills.

What makes Standards Based Grammar unique for English learners? There comes a time when a student learning a new language acquires enough language skills to "get by". They can survive with the language they have obtained, and they can even trick people into thinking they are completely fluent in English. However, the hidden gaps in their language reveal themselves in poor reading and writing scores. Classrooms with high English learner populations have seen a dramatic rise in the number of students reaching Fluent English Proficient (FEP) on state language tests. With Standards Based Grammar, no child is left behind. Their weaknesses are found immediately allowing you to fill in the gaps as necessary.

What About My Current Language Arts Program?

Many language arts programs are one-size-fits-all programs. They combine reading, writing, grammar, language, and oral language skills into one program. In addition, they try to teach ELL, high functioning, middle functioning, and low functioning students all at once. If you are using a language arts program where grammar is taught side-by-side with other language arts skills your child is at risk. It is incredibly difficult to monitor the hundreds of language skills taught in a year with one program.

Other language programs offer separate grammar workbooks. However, a very common complaint is that, while these workbooks may have cute graphics, the students don't get enough sample questions to master the skill. Even worse, there may not be enough worksheets to allow the child to internalize the skill before the workbook moves on to another topic. Standards Based Grammar gives you confidence that every skill is being taught effectively. At the very least, you can use Standards Based Grammar along side your current language arts program to guarantee the success of your students.

The Most Frequently Asked Question:

Should I use the specific grade level for my students, or can I just use The Home School Edition?  What is the difference?

You may have noticed that there is a specific edition for grades 3 through 8 as well as a Home School Edition.  Which one is right for you?

Here is my recommendation.

Choose the individual grade level books if:
  1. Your student is at grade 6 or lower.
  2. Your student is struggling with many grammar standards.

Choose the Home School Edition if:
  1. Your child is in middle school or older.
  2. Your child is in fifth or sixth grade and mastering grammar standards quickly.
Why these recommendations:

The Home School Edition is the same book as the Grades 7-8 Edition. The goal of these books is to teach the few remaining standards meant for middle school students as well as identify the standards from elementary school that the students have failed to master.    

The Home School Edition covers all the standards for grades 3 though 8, but it moves at a faster pace. An advanced third grader may be able to grasp the third grade standards from the book, but most third grade students would benefit from the Grade 3 Edition

Teachers of middle school students have the luxury of older students who are capable of higher level thinking and the ability to understand at a deeper level. Therefore, the teacher can give the assessments, identify the students’ weak areas and target these areas with the Home School Edition.

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  • Nearly 300 worksheets
  • 13 Assessments 
  • Over 150 journal prompts 
  • Teacher Checklists 
  • Parent Checklists

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