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Welcome to Create Better Writers:

Creating better writers, one step at a time.

Teachers, take note!

We offer materials that will help your K-12 students become outstanding writers. Our books and eBooks show you how to teach writing and grammar - so it makes sense to you and your students.

Would you rather attend a workshop? We offer those too! Our workshops address some of the most common challenges and questions that come up when teaching writing to K-12 students. We invite you to learn more.

In addition to providing writing materials, this site will offer free writing tips and tricks, give links to other educational resources and services, show samples of outstanding student work, and much more.

Video Demonstrations: At the bottom of this page you can watch two video demonstrations, one showing you how to teach the paragraph and the other showing you how to teach the five-paragraph essay

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Idioms (3 Free Worksheets!)
How To Write the Paragraph
How To Write the Friendly Letter
Personification as a Writing Trick
How to Describe a Setting
Building Your Students'

Weekly Writing Tip

#21 - Teach Root Words: There are thousands upon thousands of words in the English language. We can give list after list of words for our students to memorize and still not come close to teaching them all. Why not get more bang your your buck and teach root words. Think about it, if you teach one . . . 
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Featured Items

Standards Based

Available in
Grades 3-8
Complete Writing

Writing instruction
made easy!

Step-by-Step plan for
teaching the essay
Writing Tricks

Your students will
write brilliant sentences.
How to Teach the
Research Report
Step-by-Step plan for
teaching research reports
Standards Based Grammar
Homeschool Edition

New Products

New Product   

Common Core Based Language:
Grade 6

Objective: The purpose of this book is to help students learn the 6th grade Common Core State Standards for language and be able to apply these standards into their everyday lives.

These lessons and worksheets also incorporate the best practices of education by using Direct Interactive Instruction (DII) as a method of learning the material.

Topics Covered:

  1. Setting Off Non-Restrictive / Parenthetical Clauses using commas, dashes, and parentheses.
  2. Subjective, Objective, Possessive Pronouns
  3. Pronouns: Number, Gender, Person
  4. Fixing Vague Pronouns
  5. Intensive and Reflexive Pronouns
  6. Variety of Sentence Patterns
  7. Comma Rules
  8. Capitalization Rules
  9. Vocabulary Acquisition
The best way to get a real sense of what this book offers is to download the preview copy. It will not take you long to realize that this book completely covers the CCSS for 6th grade language.

Download Preview Copy Click for more information.

How to Teach the Paragraph

How To Teach the Five Paragraph Essay

Home School Teachers
If you're a home school teacher needing help with writing instruction, check out our page designed especially for you. It will show you where to start and how to progress from grades three through high school. Follow our steps in the Home School Writing Action Plan, and you will have a step-by-step plan mapped out for creating outstanding writers. Its pacing guide shows you how to create the same outstanding writers no matter what grade you start the program.  Read More.
Mini Books

Many of our books cover multiple standards and are extremely comprehensive. For example, our Standards Based Grammar series covers dozens to skills and can be used as a daily grammar / language routine. However, there may be times when a teacher only needs material for a single standard. The mini-books below contain stand-alone units that are highly focused on specific topics. Click on an image below for more information.

Comma Rules

Capitalization Rules

Greek and Latin Roots

Plural Nouns

Parts of Speech: Primary
Parts of Speech: Secondary
Sentence Writing: Primary
Sentence Writing: Secondary
Fragment Run On Sentences
Letter Writing

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